Revitalize Downtown

Revitalize Downtown

Earlier this year, Spencer Main Street (SMS) board members submitted a package to the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs (OCRA) in hopes to be awarded a $500,000 grant to aid in the revitalization of the downtown infrastructure and an additional match of $598,000 was being offered from the town. The process demanded many volunteer hours and several requirements had to be met for the grant. With everything finalized, SMS received a last minute curve ball – a required $6,000 to fulfill the philanthropic requirement of the grant process. With a plea to the community, the money started coming in. Th rough great generosity, in a mere three days, SMS raised $11,000 and nearly doubled the requirement. Th is small feat awarded SMS with a great number of additional points in the grant process and put Spencer in a contending place to receive the grant.
On December 1, 2016, Spencer Main Street was notified that they would indeed be awarded the OCRA grant. These moneys will be focused on improvements in the Main and Market Street areas to include new sidewalks, street lighting  and the addition of trees, benches, and more!

Preliminary Schedule for Downtown Streetscape Project

1. Phase 1 – Main St. from Franklin to Market
• Start: Early August 2017
• Finish: September/October 2017

2. Phase 2 – Market St. from Main to Washington
• Start: October 2017
• Finish: November/December 2017

3. Phase 3 – Main St. from Market to Jefferson (East Side)
• Start: January 2018
• Finish March 2018

4. Phase 4 – Main St. from Market to Jefferson (West Side)
• Start: March 2018
• Finish: June 2018

Downtown Design Ideas

Construction Begins